The actual academic year begins in the first week of June and ends at third week of April.
We are following Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. INDIA
Yes possible. Though we prescribed books from various international/Indian publishers, to have an idea, you can download the text books from NCERT website (official books prescribed by CBSE)
Age ( as on 1st June, six years completed for class II and so on)
Promoted Certificate ( for the last class attended)
Transfer Certificate (of the school last attended)
Equivalence Certificate ( in case the student studies in institution Recognized Other Then CBSE, ICSE, Matriculation, State Board, Cambridge, Edexcel, IB)
Admission Coordinator at School numbers:
Call : 72990 83333, 72990 87900, 044-2792580, 32939326, 32939334.
The school functions on all the days (including Sundays / holidays) – 8 am to 6 pm. Please make a visit and take the application form.
Please note that the application may be downloaded from the website www.tvis.in and the same can be sent to the school thro email or by courier.

Yes. Entrance tests will be conducted.

Grade II-V(40 min) Grade VI-IX (75 min) X Grade XI Grade XII Grade
Eng-20 marks
Maths-20 marks
Eng-20 mark
Maths-25 marks
Admission restricted only to those studied in CBSE board. No entrance test. Board exam marks/grade.

Portion for the entrance tests will be on the important concepts in the last class Studied. (Common to all the board).

Yes, the details are available in our website www.tvis.in. Download Application + payment of Rs.2000 can be made by cash/cheque /DD.
The fee for the course is available at the office. On request, the information will be sent. The fee covers special fee, tuition fee, new admission fee, hostel fee, food, all the dress Materials and exam fee. The fee may be paid in cash or draft or cheque.
The students from all the nations are eligible for admission. Visa and other arrangements may be done on request.
On request from the parent, the school will make arrangement to pick up or to drop at the airport on payment.